Your Story 2

Here’s another picture from my 1st book, The Valentine’s Day Clue, without description. As said earlier, a picture, without explanation, can mean different things to different people. So, write your story for the picture below and post it in the comments section, OR, you could reblog (Press This) this post with your story.  Either way, have fun and share with us what story this picture conveys to you:

* Please note, these pictures are copyrighted.

P.S.: After I’m done with all the pictures, seeking your stories on them, I’ll share what ‘I’ have written about these pictures in my book. :-p

Do check out my first post in the series: Your Story/Thoughts Inspired by a Photograph



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I have 8 years experience working with big companies as well as smaller ones. The bigger companies gave me exposure of quality and best practices whereas, the smaller companies gave me the skill of handling contingencies & formulating business strategies. I have experience in marketing, Customer Relationship Management, customer service, employee engagement, operations, service delivery, vendor management, knowledge management, handling conflicts, recruitment, MIS & Reporting, budgeting, Kaizen, ISMS/ITIL, Six Sigma & Incident/Change management. I have undergone the Leadership Development training three times and have handled On the Job Trainings, Rewards & Recognition & Recreation and Event Management. I have experience working with people from various countries in the continents of US (USA & Canada), Europe (UK, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, France), Asia (China, Korea, Philippines, Japan, including India) and Australia. After these 8 years of job, I decided getting into business and started a Call Center in Pune. I also help other businesses enhance their profits.
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4 Responses to Your Story 2

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