The Photographs in my Book

As committed earlier, I’m posting the photographs used in my book, The Valentine’s Day Clue, along with the description I’ve added for each. (*Please note that all these pictures n’ photographs, as well as the description provided herein are copyrighted):

Road in Chapter 6, Book 1

Priya grew nervous. “W-Why are we stopping here?” she asked cautiously. Even though it was daytime, this patch of the road was still a bit deserted. ________________________________________________________________

The Dilapidated Mansion

As Tushar’s manner changed and he started looking both sides furtively, Sandy’s attention was arrested. A few minutes of walking had brought the duo to a deserted area. A ramshackle building now loomed up ahead, and Sandy made an abrupt halt. But just then, something hit his head hard from behind, and he collapsed into darkness! ________________________________________________________________

Katraj Zoo and Lake - book version

“What are you d-?”

“Shush! See those men driving ahead of us?” Sandy whispered. “The one sitting behind is Tushar.”

“Don’t tell me!” Raj was immediately hooked…

But it all happened so quickly, that for a moment the boys simply stood rooted to the spot, baffled. Then suddenly the frenzy started. The bike-rider was coming back in their direction!

“Run! Hide!” Raj whispered urgently. ________________________________________________________________

Stone Steps

Here, the water level had depleted drastically and Sandy could walk easily. Groping his way about, his fingers touched a slit, and he tugged at it. At first it didn’t budge. But then suddenly, with a huge rattle, a door swung inward, he was blinded with a very bright white light, and his stomach lurched with fear. Scrambling frantically through the opening, he ran up a short flight of stairs, and came out in the open before starting to breathe again. ________________________________________________________________

Open Water Storage Unit in Stone

Then came a second realization followed by another adrenalin rush — Tushar must’ve heard the clatter, and he might come to investigate! As a rabbit, Sandy hopped over the rock structure and bounded into the street. Once there, he hid himself behind a parked car, his trousers dripping wet, and stood watching the recently opened rock door. ________________________________________________________________

Open Water Storage Tank 2

Even though he felt weak and wanted to go home and rest, Sandy really wanted to find out what that scraping noise was. ‘I will revive eventually…’ he told himself.
Determined as ever, he cautiously approached the source of the sound. Before long, he saw a flicker of a light in the distance and hurriedly switched off his own flashlight. ________________________________________________________________

Open Water Storage Unit in Stone 2

Instead of getting the answers to the known puzzles, new questions were popping up like bubbles. Sandy waited there, watching and thinking, when suddenly he realized that a lot of time had passed and that he should get going and warn Raj before it’s too late. ________________________________________________________________

Dagadu Sheth Halwai Ganapati

The next time the ball came to him, he kicked it to the other side of the house. Here, the kids couldn’t see him, and he got a chance to go nearer to the house. He noticed that the window, which was open the other night, had been screened with newspapers now. He neared it and saw that the screening newspaper had a crease in one corner. He peeked through the small gap and found that the TV-like shapes he’d seen the other night were actually computers. He could clearly see the screen of one of them. It showed the panoramic frontal view of the Dagadu Sheth Halwai Ganapati Mandir! ________________________________________________________________

Alandi Palkhi

“Alandi’s palkhi?!” Sandy broke in. “Isn’t that too big to steal? I mean, how can someone steal something that big… and still be successful in hiding it for more than a month?!” ________________________________________________________________


Now, the sounds had become very complicated and confusing. There was a lot of shouting mingled with the wind howling and whistling loudly. Even though it was night time, the full moon’s light was falling directly on the face of the cliff and before long, the boys spotted two figures engaged in a hot scuffle somewhere in the middle of it. ‘Oh, gosh!’ a stab of fear pierced Sandy’s heart. ‘Is one of them Raj? Is he being pushed off a ledge?’
The boys rushed to the base of the cliff, and soon enough, one of the figures tumbled, and flailing his hands in the air, came down like a rock with a loud, sickening shriek!


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I have 8 years experience working with big companies as well as smaller ones. The bigger companies gave me exposure of quality and best practices whereas, the smaller companies gave me the skill of handling contingencies & formulating business strategies. I have experience in marketing, Customer Relationship Management, customer service, employee engagement, operations, service delivery, vendor management, knowledge management, handling conflicts, recruitment, MIS & Reporting, budgeting, Kaizen, ISMS/ITIL, Six Sigma & Incident/Change management. I have undergone the Leadership Development training three times and have handled On the Job Trainings, Rewards & Recognition & Recreation and Event Management. I have experience working with people from various countries in the continents of US (USA & Canada), Europe (UK, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, France), Asia (China, Korea, Philippines, Japan, including India) and Australia. After these 8 years of job, I decided getting into business and started a Call Center in Pune. I also help other businesses enhance their profits.
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