Writing Practice or “Free Writing”

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English: Portrait – Charles Dickens Polski: Portret Karola Dickensa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being an avid reader, I know the importance of fine and powerful writing skills that touch the readers’ hearts and penetrate it. However, after releasing my first book – an amateur detectives’ adventure fiction – I realized that I had a looong way to go before I even matched my own reading standards! 😀 So, I have been trying to learn the ‘art’ and the ‘science’ of writing, improve my writing skills.

Well, here’s something that I wrote to practice ‘pacing’ and ‘symbolism’:

Dheeraj woke up in a dimly lit room and looked around hazily. A king-sized bed, on which he lay now, felt comfortable. A single door, no windows, no cupboards, but only a side-table on which perched a glass showpiece – a bird that dipped its beak into some pink liquid and came up, dipped it again, then came up again. As Dheeraj tried to remember where he was -gathered his bearings, a wall clock indicated ten past four but there was no way to tell whether it was daytime or night. It felt peaceful and Dheeraj listened carefully to the silence around – nothing seemed threatening, but then why was there a gnawing feeling in the pit of his stomach? Why did his heartbeat quicken so? Confused, curious, yet hazy, he pulled himself to his feet and steadied himself – why his head swayed he had no idea – and then made his way gingerly towards the door. The molded glass bird dipped its head, then rose up again. Dheeraj extended a hand to the doorknob, half expecting the door to be locked. After a tentative pause, he turned it. Click! It wasn’t locked after all. With the tick-tick of the clock slowing dramatically, he opened the door a crack and peered out. Suddenly, his brain reverberated with a shrill, white noise. Jumbled pictures of the recent past rushed back to his mind. Like a tsunami. Engulfing. Overpowering. Terrifying. He had banged the door shut. Or did he? Oh God! Did the giant covering the door hear the noise? Run! Hide! Dheeraj dashed to the king-sized bed. Ducked below it. Pulled the bed-sheet to cover the side view. Did the door open? Dheeraj’s ears had suddenly become very sharp. As if his life depended on it! But the darn heartbeat had grown so loud.

Tell me how you liked it, whether it created any suspense, any interest in reader’s mind to go on reading further, or if you have any feedback about this piece. And do share any points of improvement (negative feedback), because it’ll only help me improve.


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