Book Review: The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter #1)

The Shadow Rises by K.S. MarsdenThe Shadow Rises book cover

Rating: 3

I liked this book. Horror is a genre where a lot of atmosphere building is needed to pull the reader in. Though the first few chapters weren’t a puller, the overall story is brilliant. The author must be commended for that. The story is as intriguing as it is entertaining. I liked the characters a lot and the events that happen were mesmerizing. Interest is built up starting, I think, chapter 4. And half way through the book, I just couldn’t stop reading and read all through the night. The suspense, the tension, the thrill was captured pretty well.

<spoiler> When Sophie comes to Hunter’s place claiming she wanted to be a witch hunter herself, I thought there was something fishy. But, I could never guess what she would turn out to be. I just was suspicious of her motives. So that was a good and surprising twist. </spoiler> Also, the conflicts and motivations of the characters are presented very well.

However, the book could have done with a good editor. There are quite a few grammatical mistakes in the beginning and the end of the book, but a good part (the meat of the story, you can say) has better grammar. I’m specifically mentioning this, because when I started reading, the very first sentence had grammatical mistake and I was kind of put off by it. But, don’t keep the book down, because if you continue reading, it gets better and when you finally finish the book, you’ll be happy you kept reading. 🙂

I also thought the end was a bit abrupt. Even though the threat is neutralized, everybody’s happy, a lot of things still needed a ‘closure’ of sorts. <spoiler> I wanted to see what the council does about Hunter’s ‘special powers’; whether Hunter succeeds in keeping his job or whether he is ‘bound’. If the author thinks it could be tackled in the next book, I think that would work only if this is a short series of books. If it were a long series, it wouldn’t work. The events leading to this conflict have arisen in THIS book, so the outcome of the conflict would look good in THIS book, not the next.

Also, I wanted a closure to Hunter and Sophie’s relationship. What will happen now. Though the writer has put in one sentence what’s in store for them in the future, a bit more explanation would have been better.

And, poor James. We, the readers, never get to know about HIS thoughts when Sophie acts the way she acts with him and later when the big revelation happens. Hunter doesn’t want to kill her, but what are James’ thoughts on it? I like James and I sympathize with him. He’s smart and courageous and always has his feet firmly on the ground. It seems he doesn’t get influenced by power or superiority of others, or even friendship sometimes.

Overall, a good book. Worth a read.


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