Book Review: Gone by Julie Elizabeth Powell

Gone by Julie Elizabeth PowellGone cover

Rating: 3

The premise of this story is truly unique and intriguing… and sad.I understand how difficult and heart-wrenching, yet necessary, it would have been for the author to pen it all down. Writing this book may have been therapeutic for her, a mother, who struggled with the loss of a child and the caricature that remained behind for fifteen years, a caricature not just of her daughter, but even herself. For that, the author deserves an ovation. I hope she’s finally learned to forgive herself and be happy.

The writing is poetic and very artistic, but sometimes it created confusion in my mind, which is more accustomed to reading thrillers and crime & suspense. A simple example is given below:

‘There were always more questions, she thought, like a stream flowing to the river and the river pouring into the sea. Leaving her with an ocean to solve.’

This is one of the smaller sentences; a few sentences are a paragraph long (difficult for my short-attention-span accustomed mind to comprehend). Also, there are a lot of things untold to the reader (and even the main character). For example:

“Got it! And tell Ezrin I still don’t get the one about the ghost and the jar of vanishing cream! Oh, and don’t forget that this place will always be here. I tell all that will listen.” She looked at Penelope blankly. The flower merely sighed and said, “You’ll work it out.”

What would she work out – the joke or some hidden meaning in the few sentences she spoke? Such explanations wouldn’t be touched again, or would be explained in a very long sentence, so the meaning would be lost.

Also, there are so many deep concepts discussed here, though I loved them, it felt like bombardment in the war-zone. As the reader, I didn’t get a breathful before I was bombarded again. It took me so many days to finish reading this book because the few hours I spent reading it each day, my face and head would heat up with the effort of overworking my brain. The prose could’ve done better with more explanation of these deeper concepts, give the readers a breather after every heavy dose.

There are also a lot of characters who don’t give straight answers and whatever they say is very confusing. This doesn’t help the cause either.

One thing I found annoying was that in the bang middle of high packed action, the author attempted to word the thoughts that run through the main character’s mind. I wonder if anybody would think so much in the face of danger. I believe that the only thought would be ‘I’m screwed’ or the impulse of fight-or-flight.

The idea behind this book is brilliant, absolutely marvelous, and I commend the author for her deep insights about life and human behaviour and emotions. She seems to have a very good understanding of the driving forces behind every person’s actions, whatever they might be, under whatever circumstances.

And, a bit of editing would have worked wonders for this book. It would also have removed the few grammatical mistakes. I think readers of fantasy and like-genres would enjoy this book a lot. Fantastic imagination and brilliant concept!


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2 Responses to Book Review: Gone by Julie Elizabeth Powell

  1. Thank you for reading and reviewing my book.

  2. mau5779 says:

    You’re welcome, Julie, and thanks for the review copy! I enjoyed the book! 🙂

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