Why Writing Isn’t As Easy As It May Seem

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Every educated person who’s been to school can read as well as write. No big deal! We write on a daily basis, don’t we? Emails, documents, blogs, FB posts, and even comments on something we like or dislike. So what’s this hullabaloo about ‘being a writer isn’t easy’? If you can write, you’re a writer. It’s just expression of your thoughts. Right?

Well, I used to think that too. I could put words together to form a coherent sentence and my paragraphs made sense to anyone who read it. So, I set out to write my first book and finished it in 3 months flat. Well, that was easy.

But then, I decided to write a sequel; in fact, create a series with these same characters. That’s when I realized how naive I was to think that being a writer was easy. Why? Well, forWriting isn't easy one, I am a lady and I’m writing for male protagonists. Men and women are wired different and I don’t need to get into the details of why it’s difficult to write for the other sex. Second, I am in my mid-thirties now and have achieved a level of maturity, but I am writing for teenage characters who would be in an emotional turmoil and always on edge. I was like that once, though I don’t remember what I used to be so worked up about. My relation with my father became strained during my teenage years (the exact age of my characters), and though I remember the reasons, I wonder why I took those reasons so seriously? Why I was so offended that I let my emotions affect my relationship with father? That’s a generation gap I needed to overcome.

Lucky for me, when I shared this second book with betareaders from all across the world, many of them mentioned that when they read about the young characters, they felt like youngsters, and while reading about elders, they felt the feelings that elders would feel. In short, my characterization was up to the mark. Whew!

Another hick-up was when I was writing for one of the characters who’s a prostitute (just so you know, my book is YA – for 13 to 25 yrs-old – and hence, no sketchy details). However, I needed to describe the insides and working of a brothel. Problem was, I was scared to even step into the red-light area fearing that I may not make it back home, forget about getting in and seeing the insides. This is where “getting inside someone’s head” came in handy. I imagined myself to be running a brothel, as a vicious business woman. What would be my revenue model, the supply-demand model, what kind of customers I would have, what kind of security measures I will need and finally, based on my income and expenditure and profit & loss, I imagined what kind of infrastructure I would have. Voila! I could describe the scene well. However, I still wasn’t sure if I was right or wrong. Lucky for me, I found a person who had seen the insides of a brothel and we were comfortable enough to share notes on need-to-know things and it turns out, what I had imagined was accurate!

As if this wasn’t enough, my time of realization that being a writer wasn’t easy came when I had almost finished writing this book. I was tying all the lose ends after the climax, and I needed to write a small dialogue between a policeman father and his ground-into-the-dirt amateur detective son. The father had seen few others in a similar situation during his tenure as a policeman, and had delivered many pep talks that seemed easy then because he could be professional about it. But when his own son goes through such a situation, and he is feeling guilty that he couldn’t come to the rescue sooner, this pep talk becomes far too difficult and tricky. Moreover, I also needed to show how the boy takes this pep talk, because they both know this is a professional talk. But, they’re in too close a relationship to deliver or accept a professional pep talk. Also, this boy is feeling guilty (for different reasons, of course), and is broken and shattered by the experience which has called for this pep talk. So what will be his reaction to what’s being said? With both their guilts and emotions flying high, the words they choose or the reactions they show are very difficult to Crumpled Papersguess. I’ve never gone through such an experience myself or seen others go through it either. So how could I write such an exchange between father and son? I spent many days on this dialogue thinking different things every day. I would write something one day, scrap it the next day and write something new, only to scrap it the following day. Though I’ve finally stopped changing that scene any further, I still dread writing such a thing again. The betareaders who’ve read this piece say that it gave them a sense of closure, but I fear some reader some day is going to stand up and say, “This is a load of complete BS!”

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To sum it up, writing isn’t an easy job and hence, I would like to thank all the authors who have created all those wonderful worlds for me to peek into. I have just started my journey as a writer and realize how difficult it must have been for you to create the magic and captivate the world.

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7 Responses to Why Writing Isn’t As Easy As It May Seem

  1. I guess it doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a novel or a research paper. The struggle is real.

    • mau5779 says:

      Sorry for the late reply to your comment, but your blog is to blame for this delay. It’s so damn interesting, I couldn’t stop reading the various articles! You pick up fantastic topics for your research papers, if I may call them papers. I think your posts might even give me inspiration for a new adventure for my protagonists. :-p

      • Oh, my blogs are everyone else’s research. I just pick the ones that seem cool or I could make jokes about it. BUT – as a scientist myself – I have to give credit and cite their work.

        Thanks for the compliment!

  2. Akaluv says:

    As I read this, I couldn’t help but think of my own story. My story is New Adult, so I do have “certain” scenes in it, but I do understand what you are referring to with how far you should go. Writing is hard, and the more I write, the more I wonder why I thought I could do it.

  3. Toi Thomas says:

    Writing is difficult but if it was truly as easy as most people think, everyone would be a bestseller. Writing is rewarding when it’s something you care about, and publishing is a whole other matter. Thank you for participating.

  4. Writing is definitely not easy! But I just can’t do without it! Thanks for sharing your story and for your giveaway.


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