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Review: Millennium Trilogy – Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Played with Fire, Kicked Hornet’s Nest

I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo long ago and had really liked it. I hadn’t read anything about the Swedish culture before, and since the story was set in a place with a lot of snow, it appealed … Continue reading

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Daughters of ‘Mother India’

Why feminism doesn’t mean ‘making villains out of men’, and how women can empower themselves. Continue reading

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Book Review: Golden Eyes by Charles Gale

Book: Golden Eyes by Charles Gale Rating: 4 As a kid, I’d seen the Street Hawk series on TV and I use to eagerly wait for it every week. It was one of my favorite shows! So when I came … Continue reading

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Learnings from a Bank Robbery

  Once upon a time a robbery took place in a small town. The robber shouted to everyone: “All of you don’t move, because the money belongs to the state, but your life belongs to you”. Everyone in the bank … Continue reading

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Writing Practice or “Free Writing”

Being an avid reader, I know the importance of fine and powerful writing skills that touch the readers’ hearts and penetrate it. However, after releasing my first book – an amateur detectives’ adventure fiction – I realized that I had … Continue reading

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The Photographs in my Book

As committed earlier, I’m posting the photographs used in my book, The Valentine’s Day Clue, along with the description I’ve added for each. (*Please note that all these pictures n’ photographs, as well as the description provided herein are copyrighted): … Continue reading

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Not as Happy as You – A story of Need & Crime

“NOT AS HAPPY AS U” Sometimes in life we feel so blue, But someone, somewhere is not as happy as u. Somewhere far at the border when a soldier sleeps, Missing his loved ones he silently weeps. Somewhere a mother … Continue reading

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