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Book Review: Gone by Julie Elizabeth Powell

Gone by┬áJulie Elizabeth Powell Rating: 3 The premise of this story is truly unique and intriguing… and sad.I understand how difficult and heart-wrenching, yet necessary, it would have been for the author to pen it all down. Writing this book … Continue reading

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Ramblings of a turbulent mind

Sometimes you want something so bad in life… well, I don’t know about you, so lemme talk about me. Sometimes, I want something so bad in life that I can’t think about anything else. I don’t know why I become … Continue reading

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Puja and Untouchability – Possible Arguments from Alternate Science

Brahmins are loathed across India for their touchability rules. But what if their belief was based on pure science (uh, alternate science)?? I’m not trying to defend Brahmins here, but since I’m a science fanatic I wanted to put forth … Continue reading

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