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Review: Millennium Trilogy – Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Played with Fire, Kicked Hornet’s Nest

I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo long ago and had really liked it. I hadn’t read anything about the Swedish culture before, and since the story was set in a place with a lot of snow, it appealed … Continue reading

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The Photographs in my Book

As committed earlier, I’m posting the photographs used in my book, The Valentine’s Day Clue, along with the description I’ve added for each. (*Please note that all these pictures n’ photographs, as well as the description provided herein are copyrighted): … Continue reading

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My Adventures in Researching for Writing

What can a writer do to confirm a theory he/she has written about? Here’s what I did: For the first book in the detective adventure series that I’m writing, I had a situation where the protagonist, Sandy, is tied with … Continue reading

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Meet a writer – Interview with Rupali Rotti, author of The Valentine’s Day Clue

“Tender Leaves” is an online Library that runs on a brilliant business idea and knows how to function properly. They have a catalog of books on their website. The members only need to select a book from the catalog, and … Continue reading

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