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Meet Me, Rupali Rotti

Hi, I’m Rupali Rotti and I’m a writer. Wait, what? Yeah, you read it right – roti, the Indian bread, with an extra ‘t’. Have you ever heard of a person with a surname as ‘bread’? I think not. So … Continue reading

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Your Story/Thoughts Inspired by a Photograph

This post is inspired from another blogger: sethsnap He is a photographer and posts his thoughts on photography. He says that one image, without explanation, can mean different things to different people. That a simple picture can tell a complete story. … Continue reading

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Not as Happy as You – A story of Need & Crime

“NOT AS HAPPY AS U” Sometimes in life we feel so blue, But someone, somewhere is not as happy as u. Somewhere far at the border when a soldier sleeps, Missing his loved ones he silently weeps. Somewhere a mother … Continue reading

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Puja and Untouchability – Possible Arguments from Alternate Science

Brahmins are loathed across India for their touchability rules. But what if their belief was based on pure science (uh, alternate science)?? I’m not trying to defend Brahmins here, but since I’m a science fanatic I wanted to put forth … Continue reading

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